Games have arrived on Twitter. This is not a new phenomenon. As early as March of 2008, Ze Frank came up with ColorWar2008. It was not directly tied to Twitter as an API, but in spirit it leveraged community for fun.

Fast forward to February 2009, and trivia games began to appear like Twivia and Twivial. Both of these were simple games, relying on less viral means than what you see in typical viral social applications (e.g. MafiaWars).

In the last 24 hours or so, the more popular viral game mechanic (do missions, spend energy, earn money, level up, spam your friends) has found its way over to twitter. There appears to be a few that are popping up (e.g. TwitterVampire, TweetLord), but the one that has received the most attention has been SpyMaster. What is amazing to me is that these games do not yet have micro-transactions (whether it is a direct virtual currency transaction, or an offer-based system) linked to them yet.

Because of their very nature, many in the Twitter community feel these games are undermining what Twitter “does”. I understand the concern, but I think Twitter is still a medium that has more than one function. If anything, the rise of games in Twitter will mean that additional mechanics like filtering and group functions are needed (and in my opinion, long overdue).

What excites me most about seeing games appear in Twitter, is that any platform can be the foundation for a social gaming experience. Just look at the iPhone. And how about Google’s Wave? My mind reels with the possibilities for game developers to create amazingly fun experiences that aren’t in the traditional form factor with this new platform.

Do you know of other games that reside in Twitter? If you were going to use Wave as a game development platform, what would you create? I’d love to hear your thoughts.